Hey Carson Kids!

The Reunion was a huge success! For all of you who couldn’t be there, you were missed! It was such a fun night reconnecting with everyone and telling stories old and new. Spoiler alert: Jill Sobule and Jerry Kazazz are as talented and entertaining as their grade school musicality would have predicted. Make sure and go to the gallery and see the pictures and watch the videos. Jill penned a new song for Carson Elementary which is not to be missed, and you can hear Jerry tickling the ivories to her song which he had only just learned at the reunion! Those two are a couple of pros!

The evening started in the lunchroom where we all tried to recognize each other, and that gave way to a lot of laughs right off the bat! We played some jacks (see video of Jodi Melnick crushing it) and we all toured the school. Most of us were surprised by how tiny the gym seemed but found that the hallways still seemed long. The office and Miss Kane’s office were exactly the same. A few of us remembered sitting in the outer office waiting to be seen by Miss Kane for some infraction we had committed. We then had a great dinner from Yanni’s (thanks Steve!), and after dinner we read all of your messages from those of you who were unable to attend. Then it was on to the auditorium to hear Jill and Jerry play and to tell stories of our own. So many funny and sweet memories were shared. Eric Goodwine led us in a resounding chorus of 50 Nifty United States, talk about hilarious! To end the evening off, David Japha gave an impromptu speech that just perfectly tied up the event with a shiny bow, it was thoughtful, sweet, sentimental and uplifting.

Below are a few messages received after the event from our classmates, they tell the story the best of what a wonderful night it was!


Jill Sobule will be performing at Swallow Hill on October 7th, there is a group of about 25 that will be going to the show and dining at Colore Italian restaurant before the show. Pictures from those events will be posted to this website and if there are still tickets left to the show everyone is welcome! Please email Lauren if you want to be included in dinner before at Colore, lauren@laurengraphicsinc.com.

She is also performing in New York:


Jerry Kazazz had a little gathering in his backyard over Labor Day weekend where he played with three other incredible musicians. It was a show he could have charged big money for but some of us Carson kids got to listen in for free. It was another magical night and pictures are in the gallery. Jerry you’ve got a big fan base from your Carson friends…hint, hint…more shows to come? Let us know and we’ll spread the word.

If you know of an event that should be posted here please send Lauren and email, lauren@laurengraphicsinc.com

Join us!

We are changing things up a bit! We are going to meet every quarter instead of every month and meet for lunch every other quarter. Many people can’t always meet for lunch so starting in January we will meet for happy hour.

January 18, 2024

Reivers Bar and Grill
1085 S. Gaylord Street
Denver, CO 80209

Just so we have an idea of how many to plan for please email lauren@laurengraphicsinc.com if you plan on coming.

Please forward this URL if you know someone that would like to keep up with what is happening with the class of 1971.

If you have any questions, please reach out to lauren@laurengraphicsinc.com.